How Long Should You Keep Packaging For Your Electronics?

It is a question that comes up quite often, that is: how long should I keep a hold of my new electronic appliance packaging in case of a return etc? For most of us, when we buy new electronics or appliances, we often just bin or recycle the cardboard box that it comes in or you are one that will keep hold of it and we will store it in a cupboard or in the attic. This article explores the reasons behind keeping or not keeping those giant cardboard boxes that our electronic appliances come in.

It is time to stop hoarding and part with those boxes. All that packaging is just taking up space and creating clutter. In most cases, there really is no need to keep it. Here are some rules to follow that were put together by and you’ll never go wrong.

  • Recycle boxes if you no longer have the contents of what once was in it.
  • Store or make use of packaging for expensive electronic purchases if they still have warranty left.
  • For large kitchen appliances, there really is no need to keep this packaging as if you do have to return it, this is usually something that will be included when collected.
  • One box is that can come in handy is that of a flat screen television, especially if you are moving in the near future. The packaging will help protect it when in transit.
  • For electronics that are upgraded quite often, like mobile phones, cameras and laptops, it Is best to keep the boxes as the resale value is always higher when they come in the original box and ideal if you can keep this in pristine condition too.
  • A final top tip is to store all your instruction manuals and warranty documents in a file together. Therefore if you ever need to refer to them they are in the one place.

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